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February (and the last week of January) is a season that is full of family birthdays for me. My Mother’s birthday started the celebrations rolling and she loved roses. When someone admired her centerpiece vase full of red, yellow and white roses, she was always pleased. However if anyone happened to mention that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” she would gracefully argue the point. Often she took several roses from the vase and requested that each rose be smelled individually so that her visitor would realize the subtle differences. There was even one variety of rose (which I can’t seem to recall at the moment) that had no scent at all, yet was most exquisite. In my Mother’s world, each individual rose—no matter which bush it came from—was uniquely beautiful and brought joy into our home.


So it is with each…

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Conversations: 2/10/2017

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Have you ever read a sequel to novel (that you just loved) and found it lacking the intensity—the passion and purpose—you enjoyed in the first book?

William Shakespeare is the author who penned the words “…that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” which I paraphraroses royalenesed in last week’s blog (Romeo and Juliet, 1600). Tradition tells the story that Shakespeare was poking fun at a local theatre group at the Rose Theatre (rival to his Globe Theatre), considering his to be the better environment. And he wrote the critique right into his play.

There are many skills a writer must develop when creating excellent work. I’m not so sure that throwing punches at other writers within a storyline is one of them. So it is that you’ll find my second dozen roses below—for you to consider…

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There is something about following a fence-line that opens the door to creative thought — to creative writing.  The “What IF” questions begin to flow and new ideas POP.   Look at the shadows.  What time of day is this?  Morning? Evening?  A cloud-illusion that casts the shadows contrary to the norm?   Let your imagination GO!  Have fun!  Write!  Write!  And write some more!!!!Clydesdale fencing


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WORDS matter! FIREPROOF PROVERBS, A Writer’s Study of Words is an inspirational, thought-provoking guide that both encourages and teaches. It is an insightful devotional book for aspiring, tired, or distracted writers—exactly the type of book that awakens and motivates a writer’s giftedness—a must have for writers who have the desire to explore themselves and go deeper into the calling that God has for them in their lives.

Author, Royalene Doyle, knows that too many gifted writers are hesitant to write what they’ve been given knowing that the next step will be to release it into the world. In FIREPROOF PROVERBS, A Writer’s Study of Words, Doyle has done just that—written the words, created the pages and now sends this book to writer-colleagues as an exhortation to join her in this amazing journey. As a freelance writer/ghostwriter/blogger, Doyle discovered that the majority of her writing projects were fermenting in notebooks and computer files—with no real thought to complete them. Without being conscious of it, she had separated her writing career from her spiritual life attempting to be productive on her own. Then the opportunity to teach advanced writing in a small school environment was set before her. As she developed weekly lesson plans the Book of Proverbs became inspiring words of encouragement for her and her students. Since that time the Lord has faithfully guided the completion of many successful projects—including multiple non-fiction books, memoirs, books of photography and verse, and a cookbook—through her work within Doyle Writing Services. Then came the formation of FIREPROOF PROVERBS as the LORD re-introduced her to the Book of Proverbs and her enjoyment of words was further enhanced by the inspiration she found there.

The pages of FIREPROOF PROVERBS, A Writer’s Study of Words offer a specific selection of Proverbs divided into fifty-two (52) weeks. Each week provides definitions of the main verbs and nouns of the Proverbs—meant to be thought-provoking meanings to stimulate the reader’s personal review and application. The next page demonstrates an act of communication between the writer and God—a personal prayer—to encourage the exchange of thoughts, hopes, fears, needs and thankfulness. The closing page of each weekly section presents continuing threads of thought and observations. These are topics relevant to the concepts exposed that week which encourage the reader to consider their writing profession at a deeper level. Space for personal notes is provided to nudge readers as they develop their own specific projects. No two writers will approach these pages in the same way. No two writers will experience the same inspiration, insights and guidance from the Holy Spirit. No writer will respond to the weekly pages in the same way during their writing-growth-journey the following year.

This gift of writing is a passion sewn deep into the DNA fabric of every writer’s life. We need not be anxious about releasing our work into the world. God, Himself, offers us His Peace in the process from first page to last, through publication, speaking/autograph events, and radio interviews. It is up to us to start the process. This book provides the way.

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Now is the time to write it…

ROYALENE DOYLE is the person to help you through the process !




I highly recommend and endorse Doyle Writing Services.  This was just what I needed to get my book out to the audiences God has put in my heart.   Polly Sanders-Peterson, author of LOVE SEARCH.

I strongly recommend Doyle Writing Services to Christian authors!  The editor’s combined professional expertise, diligence and personable personality were essential in getting my first book published.  We are now working on several new projects.  Mary L. Johnson-Gordon, author of TELL MY PEOPLE THE UNALTERABLE, INCONVENIENT TRUTHS.

 The Little Engine That Could…It seems a bit unusual to use a classic children’s story as a metahor for the overwhelming help Royalene has provided to me in my writing experiences.  However, through her reads, edits, re-reads and re-edits of my work, she is that little voice that says, “Yes, you can.  Yes, you can.”  As a beginning writer, I really had no idea of how to put a book together.  Some editors make such hard edits, the writer’s original meaning, thought and creativity get lost in the technicality of the review.  NOT here–with Doyle Writing Services.  Editing becomes part of the creativity process of the author, like an extension of the writer’s own pen.  Robert A. Merrick, author of WHY STAND? A Resolve to Stand for Marriage Restoration.



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